Stop searching, let us hunt.

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Are you a buyer looking to acquire a business with $100k to $5m in annual revenue? Do you need help with the search?

The Flippa business finder service defaults as your own business development function. In addition to our market leading platform we help high value buyers source small business acquisitions both on and off-market for a low monthly cost.

What’s involved?

The Search

Flippa will search businesses that match your criteria. We will search on and off-market. We will approach businesses and verify their applicability.

Deal Flow

We will create a deal information memorandum for each verified opportunity and present you with the opportunities that match your preferences and profile.


Flippa is on hand to help you with the negotiation. We’ll work with you to understand your due diligence requirements, collect and store the information and ultimately, facilitate the back-and-forth dialogue.

Become a Verified Buyer and connect with a Relationship Manager

What’s next?

Register your interest

Fill out a buyer profile. Tell us who you are and which organisation you represent. You will then be matched to one of our business development representatives. They will become your Relationship Manager.

Complete a briefing call

Your relationship manager will be in touch within 24hrs to verify your interest. They will take you through the process and the benefits and learn a little more about you.

Finalise your buyer mandate and join

Finally, we will draft a buyer mandate for your review. This will inform our deal finder methodology.

Stop searching, let us hunt.